Governor of Lagos state cautions residents in the state to adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols


Lagos state has been placed by the Federal Government on red alert as increasing number, test positive to Delta Covid-19 variant.

Hence, in re-enforcing the safety protocols, Governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu advised residents in Lagos to be safety conscious and follow up on every safety protocols.

The announcement was disclosed when his Excellency, Sanwo-Olu was addressing the chairmanship candidates of APC. Speaking, he said, "Government will continue to do their best to manage the situation but citizens must play their own part by adhering strictly to protocols.

"We are monitoring the positivity rate; we are doing two things, we don’t want to unnecessarily scare people and at the same time, ensure that we are very proactive.

“On a daily basis, we are checking the rate of positivity and we are managing it. But that having been said, everybody is expected to act responsibly, to protect themselves and their families. And that is why as a responsible government, we tell our people the truth and being transparent.

“Where we are now; we are communicating efficiently to our citizens, please where you do not need to gather, please don’t gather. Where you cannot avoid unnecessary non COVID-19 compliance, don’t go there.

“If you want to go out please wear your face mask, please adhere strictly to protocols.

“We are doing everything to ensure that we flatten the curve.

“We have open isolation centers and the Federal Government has assured us that by the end of August, we are going to get another batch of vaccine and we will start rolling out the vaccination exercise again.”

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