International Human Rights seek to address the use of lethal force by Columbian police during protests


Columbian Police were alleged by the International Human Rights for using lethal force, indulging in violence against protesters.

The first protests which started around April was due to the way salaries were tasked, which later stopped but extended towards other areas including police violence and poverty.

The International Human Rights allegations against the police are the use of firearms by police against protesters, gender based violence and claims of sexual abuse.

Their alleged allegations according to them has been a reoccurring crisis. In demanding re-dress, they advised the Government to compensate the victims and the police shouldn't be stationed within any protests to be used as defence ministry control. If not possible, the police should be banned from exhibiting violence and use of lethal force against protesters.

Aside from this, the President, Ivan Duque received several critics against the management of police during a supposedly peaceful protests.

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