Jeff Bezos donates N82.3 billion to Smithsonian museum

Richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos worth over $212 billion donated N82.3 billion to the world's largest museum, a part of the donation would be use in constructing an education centre.

According to statistics reports, Bezos's donation is the largest to have been donated to the museum after a donation of $80 million was given in the year 2000 by late businessman, Kenneth Behring.

Speaking on the donated funds, Smithsonian secretary, Lonnie Bunch said, "This historic gift will help the Smithsonian achieve it's goal of reaching every classroom in America by creating a world-class learning centre with access and inspiration at its heart".

Bezos also said, "The Smithsonian plays a vital role in igniting the imagination of our future builders and dreamers."

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