Laycon's performance at Grammy


The recent BBNaija winner, Olamilekan Agbeleshe recognized as Laycon revealed a hidden talent during his performance at Grammy, 'Press play at home' whereby he sang "All over me".

The amazing performance wowed everyone and will silence the critics that refused to believe Laycon is a good singer.

Grammy described Laycon on their website as, "For a fresh example as this, meet Laycon a Nigerian Afrobeats/Afrorap artist who makes performing music seems as natural as breathing.

Nigerians took to comment on the young star Twitter handle, several are stated below;

Ninti31 “I have always seen you as overhyped and don’t bother streaming or listening to your songs But I repent from that today after watching this. You’re what icons really say you are. You’re very good. Wow, that was an awesome performance. Respect.”

@Dekingkudos “I never knew Laycon was this good. You are musically talented,as in it crystal clear that you are not forcing it. I’m so proud of you man. No amount of hate will ever bring you down!”

@Cas_trippleD “OMG this is so great, performed for Grammy, I mean Grammy is aware of Laycon, we are getting there, ICONS.”

@Roseji “I don’t see myself getting over this performance soon. The Recording Academy posting Laycon on their numerous social media platforms is a huge feat. That live performance was so lit.”

@Queenjeigh “A prophet is without honour in his own country. Thank goodness for his disciples (iCONs) international recognition is rolling in.”

@Newbie_jummy “LAYCON is one of the talented songwriters and musicians from Nigeria. His performance was wonderful and natural and I can see why he is called the KING OF AFRORAP.”

See video below:

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