Lil Durk, exchange gunshots with Intruders at his residence

American Singer from Chicago, Lil Durk was involved in a gun duel with Intruders at his residence on Sunday.

Apparently, this isn't a first time for him, several of his relatives died from gunshots. Although, he's challenged having to deal with different attacks, Durk is a rising star.

The month of June alone, Durk new album was number 1 in US and number 5 in UK, over 33 songs is attributed to his name.

Aside from that, he's also a Grammy award singer, his song, "Laugh Now Cry Later" which was in collaboration with Drake received the Grammy award as the best rap song and melodic rap performance at Grammy.

The way unknown gunmen always want to shoot rappers especially in the US, is very alarming. Following up with the assault on Lil Durk, Georgia police force, remarked the alleged suspects were not killed nor injured. Further details are yet to be disclosed.

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