Manchester United player, Greenwood reveals his toughest challenge


Mason Greenwood, footballer player in Manchester United disclosed the name of his opponent that gave me a hard time during a football match, the revelation came forth when he was participating in a Q&A session with fans.

Greenwood has played against challenging opponents, but he identified Fulham left-back, Joe Bryan as the tough one.

Greenwood and Bryan were opponents in the football field in January 2021, the game ended in favour of Manchester United defeating Fulham, 2-1.

Describing the experience, he said, "I have probably got to say, it might be a surprising one, but do you know Bryan, the one for Fulham.

"He gave me no breathing space, no time on the ball, when he played them home and away, it was one of the most difficult games for us.

"He is one you probably wouldn't think I would say his name but he was getting tight to me and not giving me much space.

"He was a good defender and was probably my toughest challenge."

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