Monkeypox, a viral disease found in United States


A Noteable viral disease, Monkeypox has been traced to the United States. Apparently, an American based in Texas had flown to Atlanta from Nigeria on July 8th. The plane final destination landed at Dallas Love Field Airport on July 9th. The viral disease was discovered during a check up at a health center located close to the hospital, i.e The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.

For the moment, there is no cause of alarm as the patient is hospitalized and in isolation. The first trace of the viral disease from Monkeypox was discovered in 2003, it led to the death of over 47 people in United States. The alleged cause was reported to be from pet prairie dogs in the Midwest, though it's contagious through respiratory organs and bodily fluids.

In avoiding further spread, the patient contacts have been reached for proper check-up, if positive, preventive measures will be taken.

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