Nadiya Hussain speaks in a documentary, "Being British Bangladeshi"


The British Bangladeshi celebrated 50 years of independence this year. In commemorating their history, Nadiya Hussain, a cook, author and TV show  presenter spoke at BBC three documentary titled Being British Bangladeshi.

Hussain was a former winner in the Great British Bake off, recognized for her skills, she has  acquired success and built up a reputable name for herself.

Speaking with the organizer of the documentary, Ali Shahalom described how she struggled from being a Bangladeshi, if she wasn't, life would haven't been so much easier.

In her words, "There are times when i have wanted to bleach the brown out of me, because life would have been so much easier if I wasn't Bangladeshi, if I could just be like everyone else.

"But I come with all those layers that I do represent and understand the importance of that now."

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