Nigerian Lady, disclosed how she escaped from the hands of the kidnappers


Nigerian Lady based in Lagos tells her story about her encounter with a kidnappers which happened not too long ago. In narrating her story, she disclosed that she was just stepping out from her godmother's place where she boarded a taxi, however the taxi driver was only riding a taxi in pretense seeking for passengers to abduct, as soon as she sat down in the front seat, the taxidriver pointed a gun at her but fortunately for her, the kidnappers kept asking her random questions, it was in her response that the kidnapper discovered they were from the same state, Akwa Ibom state.

Her statement reads, "I was coming from my godmother's place when I entered a normal taxi because I wanted to get to work early on Monday. Before I knew it, the taxi driver pointed a gun at me and called someone to inform him that he already has one person. He put the phone on speaker and the person he called asked for my name and where I am from, I told him my name and where I am from, Akwa Ibom.

"The man now said that I am lucky I am his sister unless he would have killed me, I started to thank him and he continued to ask other questions. I don't know how God just did it, the driver cut the the call and asked me to close my eyes. He started  search my bag and my phone while pointing a gun at me. After he was done searching my things, he also said I should thank God that i am his sister unless he would have killed me. He even told me that next time, I shouldn't enter any cab that isn't registered and he dropped me somewhere in Lagos Island."

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