Nigerian man alleged by his wife's niece to have beaten his wife to death, due to her refusal to have sex with him


The niece of a Nigerian woman, Mr Ugieki Asemota reported her aunt's husband to the authorities for beating her mother's twin sister (aunt) to death because she refused to have sex with him.

The unfortunate incident occurred on June 27th, 2021 whereby Mrs Asemota's husband was at home drunk after her return from a wedding, choosing to avoid any communication with her husband, she hurriedly had her bathe and locked herself up in a room, this was due to the fear of her husband who is always fond of beating her when he's drunk.

Unluckily for her, Asemota's husband came to the room she hid herself and kept on banging at the door demanding for his sexual urge to be satisfied. Due to her initial fear, she refused to open up the door, however, the violent way, her husband kept on banging the door, made her to be afraid, which was what made her decide to escape by jumping through a window.

Still unfortunate, her husband caught up with her, an argument broke out as he tried using force to have his way with her. In his desire to command her obedience, he took a wood from a door with an axe which he used in beating her up till she collapsed.

Neighbours gathered and rushed her to the hospital, her family was also contacted. Mrs Asemota remained unconscious in the hospital till her daughter, though from the doctors examination her organs and spinal cord was damaged and it was a 50/50 chance of survival. The family kept on praying for her but there was no positive result as she gave up the ghost on Monday morning.

Mrs Asemota husband has been arrested and her family are hell-bent on assuring justice is served.

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