Oladunni Idowu's story given as a tribute of encouragement to Single Ladies


Young Nigerian Lady, Oladunni Idowu story was shared as an encouragement in a WhatsApp group formed for single sisters waiting on God for marriage and feel all hope has been lost.

Oladunni was described as a gladiator and the definition differs from the meaning given by Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. She was described as a gladiator as one who fought and won a long-drawn out war, in reference to the scriptures that says, "Some may trust in chariots and horses but I will remember the name of the lord, for his name is a strong tower, whosoever runneth to it are safe."

Oladunni, a single lady till the age of 47 found love, wedded at age 48, got pregnant at age 49 and put to birth to a baby boy just before her 50th birthday.

Oladunni got married to Aigbovo Giwa-Osagie in the year 2019, and dedicated her son at White Stone Event Centre, Billingsway Ikeja, Lagos on 25th June 2021.

From reports given, Oladunni glow all through the entire ceremony beyond the skillful makeup, the celebrities performances. Oladunni's joyful expression recounts a tale of true joy at last as her son was named, Osarumwese-the Lord has done me well, Oluwaseyitanfunmi- the Lord has done this for me in full, Nosakhare-God's will.

According to reports given, a tribute was presented which stated, "I pray for those who are younger than Oladunni that they will not soul their garments of righteousness, while they wait. For those older than Oladunni, that will still look ahead and see a brilliant sunrise, where they will surely wear the garments of a gladiator."

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