Philippines Air Force plane carrying military troops crashes and explodes


Yet another great tragedy, Philippines Air Force plane carrying about 90 people crashed and exploded. The military plane was stated to be transporting military troops from Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao, Sulu province, unfortunately they missed the runway on the island before they could land and eventually crashed.

In confirmation of the air plane clash and to ascertained the loss of life incurred, the Armed Forced Chief, Cirilito Sobejana stated the plane was carrying, 96 military personnel, the plane crashed into a nearby Patikul village at 11.30am on Sunday.

Further reports from a press release by Joint Task Force Sulu disclosed several militant jumped out of the plane before the explosion, afterwards troops and civilians volunteers rushed to the site for rescue.

The militant's death and survival have been ascertained, which was disclosed by military spokeperson, Maj. Gen Edgard Arevalo. 47 militants died, 49 survived who are currently under medical care, three civilians were killed and four were injured.

The most unfortunate thing about the tragedy was, the troops were new graduates, who had just completed their military training.

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