Pretty Mike narrates his life experience in a relationship


Pretty Mike narrated a life time experience, dating a babe who claimed she's a private person and no one should touch her phone, or post her pictures.

Pretty Mike disclosed, he had made preparations to propose and all that was left was to put few things in place before he proposed a formal engagement. 

However, lo and behold he decided out of curiosity to check through her phone but discovered the unbelievable, his babe was a high class sex machine sleeping with most of the rich Lagos big boys. If he hadn't check, he would have been deceived with his babe excuses, of being a private person.

According to him, Paraventure he had married the babe, the same dudes sleeping with her, would have come to his wedding spraying money.

Using his personal experience, he advised if one is in a relationship that denies access to phone, it's inevitable one is in to unfold the biggest skeleton in the cupboard, most of them are just cheat awaiting their biggest fish.


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