Protesters gathered in Sunday Igboho's residence, demanding for his release


Olayomi Koiki, special aide to Sunday Igboho had announced, a protest should be organized on Wednesday, July 20th, 2021 to reverse the allegations against Sunday Igboho demanding his freedom from prison.

From the reports forwarded, Koiki said, “Please we beg all agitators to converge at Chief Sunday Igboho’s house for a peaceful demonstration to show the world the kind of person he is as one of the conditions given for his release.

“Please let’s all be at his house in Soka, Ibadan, before 12 o’clock today, thanks and God bless Yoruba nation now.”

Hence, protesters have gathered at Igboho's residence on Wednesday, July 20th, the appointed date for the protest demanding for Sunday Igboho to be released.

Sunday Igboho was arrested at the airport in Contonou, Benin Republic on Monday night.

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