South African President, Jacob Zuma surrenders himself to the police


South African President, Jacob Zuma surrendered himself to the police on Wednesday due to alleged allegations questioning his involvement in corruption during his time of power and failure to appear at the court enquiry.

Allegations against him were, failure to provide evidence in terms of siphoning off state assets court inquiry and his alleged absence, failure to give account on the happenings of corruption during his administration, hindering the judiciary structure especially the judges from the truth, he had also been kicked off from his party in 2018, African National Congress, hence the court sentenced Zuma to 15 months jail terms on June 29.

Prior to his arrest, Zuma had no intention to surrender to the police, however due to several warnings directed at him from the police, Jacob Zuma foundation disclosed his readiness to comply.

Despite the unfortunate event, Zuma's daughter revealed via Twitter that her father remained in high spirit during his arrest. He was imprisponed in his home town, KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday.

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