Spanish Party members argue over the intake of meat


Feud exists between members of two political party in Spain, Mr Planas from Mr Sanchez's Socialist party and Alberto Garzon from the left-wing Unidas Podemos.

The stated differences between Planas and Garzon was based on the intake of meat. Garzon claimed the intake of meat should be minimized while Planas attacked Garzon for speaking against the major resources that constituent a large stream of income in the economy.

Although, Garzon stated he was misinterpreted that he's not against eating meat but it should be controlled, recommending eating between 200g and 500g of meat per week, as it is a Spanish citizen eat more than 1kg.

In support his claims, he further stated that the World Health Organization disclosed eating of meat in excess has a gross effect in our system.

However, the subject discussion still maintained the strife between Garzon and Planas.

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