Tokyo Olympics games is rescheduled


Reports forwarded disclosed that Japan has experienced a rapid spread of Coronavirus as the scheduled date for the Olympic games draws nearer.

Therefore, the Olympics Minister, Kamayo Marukawa held a gathering with every officials involved in the game, they decided to declare a state of emergency during the period of the Olympic games.

The state of emergency will stand from July 12th till 22nd August. To reduce the crowd, venues and events centres within the area will not be opened to any organized events, bars and restaurants will close by 8pm and alcohol is also prohibited.

Aside this, fans or audience will not be allowed to witness the event ongoing in the field, they are only permitted entrance to any stadiums within the region of Fukushima, Miyagi and Shizuoka, but the space available would be limited.

Despite the precautionary measures taken, many people still advised that the games should to be cancelled or postponed.

Appealing to the audience who had paid for plane tickets and made arrangements in the city, President of Tokyo, Seiko Hashimoto apologized for the inconveniences caused by the new decree from the government in combating the spread of Coronavirus.

The Olympics games is scheduled between 23rd July-8 August.

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