UK challenged by Good Law Projects for unlawful use of private Whatsapp chats and Emails in discussing government business


United Kingdom Government are challenged for using private Whatsapp and Emails to discuss Government business and is not accessible to everyone.

In addressing the issue, the Campaign Group Good Law Project are of the opinion that the Government approach is inappropriate and will be seeking a corrective measure in Court.

The Government claimed they are acting accordingly in line with the Cabinet Office guidelines. The group complaint against the Government are the use of non-governmental communication systems which breaks the rule that reads, every decision making in the government should be preserved, Government contracts which were awarded during the Covid-19 pandemic but not in line with the Freedom of information laws.

Following were the WhatsApp chats by the Prime Minister Ex-Adviser, Dominic Cummings which showed government business were discussed in private. Making reference to the reports disclosed by Sunday times, the former health secretary, Matt Hancock had used a private Gmail address for government business, all this and more were cited by the group seeking for a re-dress.

The legal director of Good Law Project, Gemma Abbott said, "We don't just think the current approach is wrong, we think it's unlawful.

"If successful, this legal action could close the accountability gap, paving the way for a robust, lawful policy on the use of private email and WhatsApp".

In response, the government spokeperson said, "there are appropriate arrangements in place for the management of electronic communication, including instant messages and emails.

"Ministers and Officials are aware of the guidance around personal email usage, and government business is conducted in line with that guidance".

Government Personnel are Investigation the issue because hidden information which aren't preserved violate the rights of the Freedom of Information.

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