Usifo Ataga's murder case, Chidinma changes confusion

Further details of the deceased Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga has been released to the public, the info was given by the alleged suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu, 300-level student in University of Lagos.

Chidinma stated during an interview with Crime fighters that the deceased was not in good terms with his wife, he only stayed in the marriage because of his kids.

She further stated the deceased had a hot temper, even with her there was hardly enough time for them to be together because of his busy schedule.

Although, the police alleged Chidinma had N10 million naira in her account which hasn't been proven, the suspect claimed not guilty of such charges, what will be in her account is about 400k/500k. The cash was paid into her account by a customer whom she sold her old laptop, she claimed.

Her words in parts;

“He was actually a busy person but at a point, I found out that he lies a lot just to be able to have sex with young girls.

“He wasn’t having a good marriage either because I noticed he had issues with his wife. They had a marital crisis and he was there only for the kids."

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