Western countries blame China for hacking Microsoft software


Microsoft Exchange-an email platform which is used by companies worldwide, both small and big corporations was hacked. The entire blame was laid upon China, United States and other Western countries alleged China was responsible for the cyber crime.

Reacting, Chinese Government denied every allegations, that the law in their country frowns against every form of cyber crime. Following up on the case, Microsoft accused a chinese cyber-group for taking advantage of the fact that Microsoft Exchange allows access to email inboxes, due to this known fact, hackers were able to intrude into the system.

The alleged group, Hafnium was founded by Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centres. From reports given, western countries are of the opinion that China exploited the vulnerability of Microsoft Exchange software which was exposed to them by Hafnium.

Speaking on the cyber crime allegations against China, U.S president, Joe Biden said, "the Chinese government may not have been carrying out the attacks itself, but they were protecting those who are doing it".

The United States Department of Justice are investigating China's Ministry of State Security, based on the connection of suspected hackers with China's Ministry of State Security.

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