Youths from Ondo state attends the burial rites of T.B Joshua


Late T.B Joshua, President of Synagogue Church of All Nations burial rites commenced on Monday. T.B Joshua hails from, Arigidi Akoko, Ondo state and was a doer of good works in his hometown.

Youths in his hometown gathered together during the candle light procession held within the town, acknowledging the impact T.B Joshua made in their life. They described him as a man who lived to advanced the growth and well-being of the masses irrespective of their religion or background.

The youths in commemorating his good works, they stated T.B Joshua gave scholarships and bursaries to youths and ensured monthly allowance were given to elderly people and the widows.

Indeed, T.B Joshua would be greatly missed by all, may his perfect soul rest in peace.

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