Zaila Avant-Garde, winner of U.S spelling bee competition


The winner of this year U.S @scrippsbee spelling competition is a 14 year old African American girl from New Orleans, Louisiana, Zaila Avant-garde.

The champion has established 3 records in dribbling multiple balls at once, and also took part in an advertisement with NBA Megaster Stephen Curry.

During the finalists stage, she had struggled a word, 'nepeta', a herbal mint but eventually succeeded. She rounded up the competition spelling a word, "murraya", a type of tropical tree defeating her opponent, a 12-year-old, Chaitra Thummala of Frisco, Texas.

Zaila begot another achievement as the second black girl to win the U.S spelling bee competition, the first was Jody-Anne Maxwell, crowned champion in 1998.

Although, Zaila's main aim is to play basketball but spelling has been a side hobby for her. In an interview with New Orleans paper, the Times Picayune, Zaila disclosed she practised 13,000 words for 7 hours per day.

This revelation showed dedication and preparation towards her desired goal and shines as a role model to her peers. 

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