Bayern Munich coach, Julian Nagelsmann speaks on his club's victory over Hertha Berlin


The match between Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin proved to be an amazing match. Bayern Munich pulled an outrageous victory against their opponent, Hertha Berlin 5-0.

Bayern Munich head coach, Julian Nagelsmann was incredibly happy about the performance of his players but he only commented on two players, they were noted in his reports as key players. They are; Jamal Musiala and Robert Lewandowski.

Nagelsmann described Lewandowski performance as the best given. As a player, he tends to be flexible trying out and implementing varieties at the same time maintaining a listening ear to every advice given by the coach

Nagelsmann last statement about Lewandowski was, "I don't have to do shooting training with him anymore." Nagelsmann statement implied Lewy is very good.

The second player spoken about was Jamal Musiala. Nagelsmann described him as a player with great potential and someone who's very humble.

Commenting on his performance, Nagelsmann said, "...he defended much better during the match, he has incredible potential."

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