BBNaija season 6: Angel advise Michael to be open mind to other female housemates not Jackie B only


Angel advised Michael to not restrict himself to liking Jackie B alone, due to the struggle he is facing in dealing with his feelings for Jackie B. Angel encouraged him to keep an open mind to enable him move on easily in case a relationship doesn't work out between him and Jackie B.

Although, Jackie B is equally attracted to Michael but she isn't open to start a relationship yet. Hence, there is no definite clarity between Michael and Jackie B.

Seeking for another female opinion, Michael approached Angel on what he should do. She said;

"There’s a lot to consider in figuring it out. If you guys want to be serious, you’ll have to take it slow.

“You can put it into consideration that you’ve only known her for a week. So you can’t exactly restrict yourself to her.

”There could be someone in the house that you probably feel more."

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