BBNaija season 6: Angel's father criticizes Maria's opinion about Angel


During Maria's dairy session, Maria told Biggie that Angel is flirting with Michael

Biggie said: Maybe if the boys protected their boundaries, the situation could be avoided

Maria said: Boys will be boys you know

Biggie replied maria: if boys will be boys, then Angel will be Angel. 

Angel's father who handles her Instagram page berated Maria for her comment "boys will be boys" while discussing Angel's attitude towards the male housemates in the house. She expressed her view to Biggie that though boys ought to be held responsible that boys will always be boys and if a woman appears too easy to him, they will take her without a second thought.

Angel's father in response to Maria comment stated that men ought to be held responsible for all their actions the same way the society holds women accountable and that the era of women being slut shamed because of how she dresses had to come to an end.

The phrase "boys will be boys" should cease to be an excuse for men to commit grave mistakes. A woman who is liberal with her body commits no crime and thus should not be taken as cheap for any reason.

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