BBNaija season 6: Jackie B says appropriate conduct is essential for her because of her son


BBNaija contestant Jackie B has expressed her fears on TV because of her only son, a ten year old boy is watching her every move on TV.

Although BBNaija is rated at 18+, Jackie B revealed that her son watches her on TV and she does not want to influence him negatively.

She has to always answer to her son for all her actions in the show. As much as she tries to keep it real by having brutally honest conversation with her son, the intense situation between her, Michael, and Angel embarrasses her.

She knows fully well that when she goes into the diary room and calls her son, he's going to ask her why she acted that way. Thus she said, she hates confrontations, that no matter what happens in the house, she will be able to look at her son in the eye and explain it to him.

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