Biggie instructs Maria to prank six housemates


As earlier reported, Maria was tasked by Biggie to secretly choose two housemates to be evicted on Sunday although Biggie had announced that there will be no eviction this week.

Moving Forward, Maria was also given the responsibility to play a prank on six housemates, i.e she is expected to list out the names of six housemates to be evicted and call out those housemates to inform them of the sad news.

Biggie instructed Maria to watch out for their reactions and report back to him. 

In his words, “Big Brother has an additional mission for you. On Sunday morning, you are to address the house and announce your bottom-six housemates, that is, the six housemates who least impressed you this week.

“You must tell them to pack their bags and deliver them into the storeroom as they await their final verdict.”

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