Real Madrid vs Levante


Real Madrid and Levante battled with each other during the Sunday night match to pull a win but the match was concluded with a tie, 3-3. Real Madrid were more active during the first half of the games but became relaxed during the second half, it was through the intervention of Vinicius that Real Madrid scored twice in the second half.

Levante were unable to score a goal at the first half while Real Madrid did and the first goal was an exceptional performance, however the second half was a different story.

Levante came through  playing at their very best, it took only few seconds for Levante player, Roger Marti to score a goal defeating Real Madrid goal keeper. Not too long after the first goal, Jose Campana aided Levante to score again which gave them a lead ahead of Real Madrid.

Following, the slow motion from Real Madrid, a substitute player, Vinicius was called in to play. Immediately he stepped in there was a turn around for Real Madrid. Vinicius was able to manoeuvre a goal, setting aside Levante's goalkeeper, Aitor Fernandez.

The match became heated knowing both team were at a tie but Roger pulled through again for Levante and they scored a goal. Thereafter, when it seem the match was in the favour of Levante, Vinicius scored again the finishing goal for Real Madrid.

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