Britney Spears sparks hope in her fans to return back to performing music

American singer, Britney Spears, 39, met her 27-year-old boyfriend, Sam Asghari, while on set during the screening of one of her songs, "Slumber Party" in 2016 and they have maintained their relationship till now.

However, as the years went by Britney Spears decided to stop performing due to her father's overbearing ways of intruding in every of her plans and decisions. The only conditions which will allow her to do a comeback is if her father stepped down from his role as a conservator. 

But Sam Asghari has given her fans hope during an interview that there's a chance she will return, all that is needed is to stay hopeful. The details of when is not yet assured as Spears states in a post on social media that she doesn't have an idea of when she will decide to do a comeback.

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