Carrie Underwood criticized for supporting Matt Walsh's video against kids wearing face masks


In United States, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention initiated a new law which was meant to stand as a preventive measure against Covid-19 to ensure all adults and children above the age of 2 to wear face masks.

However, the law wasn't acceptable to an American singer, Matt Walsh. Walsh uploaded a video advising the parents to stand against their children wearing masks because it gives children an impression that the air is dangerous to their health, promoting the idea that any one who doesn't wear it is sick. 

Following the video which was uploaded by Matt Walsh on social media, Carrie Underwood likes the video supporting his views. However, this has brought more harm than good to Underwood. 

Underwood fans criticized him for supporting what stands against the beneficial good of all. The criticism Underwood received was alarming and the news has gone viral via different social media platforms.

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