Faith filled declarations

Do not limit yourself by wrong thoughts. Don't put your mind in someone else's assumption, and what others have said wrongly about you. What you believe and say about yourself, is what matters. You are the City of God, because glorious things are spoken of you. Your body is the temple of the Holy spirit, because the word of God has taken his abode in you, therefore there is greatness packaged inside of you, you just need to unleash it and give motion to it by making declarations, believing and training your mind in the things of God and act accordingly. 

The life you have received in Christ Jesus is the one that produces faith filled results, dynamic in it's working. Always remember the progresses you have made through Christ and in Christ Jesus, refuse to give up and do not give in to temporary ugly situations and circumstances trying to pull you down. In life, be the captain of your thoughts and set your gaze on the word of God. You choose to be excellent, great, perfect and you can do what you choose to do and succeed at it. Anything you are looking for, look inward, what you are looking for, is inside you. The bible says; Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

You shall have whatsoever you say. Declare these faith filled words today and see them take roots in every area;

* I believe in Christ Jesus our Lord, I believe he died for me, I believe he is the son of God.

* I am special

* I have the ability to minimize errors 

* I am complete in Christ Jesus

* When I speak, I dissolve doubts, I speak the wisdom of God

* I deal wisely, I am the excellent of knowledge, I bring forth excellence inside of me

* I read and comprehend, I am filled with knowledge, therefore the distinctions are mine

* I am a walking blessing, because I am blessed

* I have the ability to analyze hard questions

* The wisdom of God is at work in me, therefore I will not enter the examination hall and blank out. I am wisdom personified

* I walk in righteousness

* I walk in love

* The greater one lives in me, therefore greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world

* I live in peace

* I live in abundance

* I cannot be defeated

* I live a glorious life

* My steps will not slide

* The thoughts I have are good thoughts.

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