FEC questions Lauren Boebert on the misuse of campaign funds


Republican lawmaker in U.S Lauren Boebert, is pressed to disclose the misuse of campaign funds which was reported to have been for her own personal needs. Addressing the issue the Federal Election Commission, FEC, sent a letter to Boebert for explanations, explaining the expenses grouped as Venmo payments with a cost of over $6,000.

Surprisingly, the very same payments which was grouped as Venmo payments was already accounted for which meant there was an error in the accounting and Boebert wasn't entirely truthful to state what she used campaign funds for.

Furthermore, the FEC advised Lauren Boebert if there was no proper accountability for the use of campaign funds, legal actions will be taken against her. The investigation is still ongoing, since she was elected in 2020.

For the meantime, Lauren Boebert hasn't opened up, stating there is an error in accounting. Further details still awaits.

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