How to get rid of bad breath


Inflammed gums, swollen tonsil, broken teeth, toothache, bleeding gums, protruding teeth, mouth ulcer etc, causes fowl breath, and this can lead to social and personal disadvantages.

How to brush:

People should be taught how to brush their teeth, the wrong way of brushing can cause bad breath. We have the up and down movement, some claimed this method removes food particles in-between the teeth, yes, but it can also cause bad breath. This method can injure the gums, which can cause bleeding gums and eventually leads to bad breath.

Then, we have the back and front movement, this method of brushing is practically observed as the best. It does not cause any injury to the gums.

When to brush:

The teeth must be cleaned after meals and before going to bed to minimize the risk of teeth decay.


Starcy food produces fermenting acid which weakens the enamel and allows bacteria to invade the teeth. Food that contains high-sugar or starcy food and sweets should be minimized. Excess intake of tobacco, alcohol, very hot or very cold food and drinks should be avoided. Diet must be varied and well balanced with proteins, vitamins, such as; vitamin A, C and D are good for the teeth.

Dental decay:

Early remedy should be carried out, people are advised to visit dental clinics at regular intervals. Where there are holes in the teeth, should be filled before it gets too large. 

Care of the teeth:

- Brushing after every meal and before going to bed

- Brush tongue to remove food stains and white coated substance from the tongue

- Fluoridation of public water supply's helps to prevent tooth decay

- Keep the mouth hydrated by taking enough water

- Avoid very hot and very cold food and drinks

- It is advisable to use toothpaste that contains fluoride

- Instead of using tooth picks, use dental floss to remove food particles from the teeth

- Visit dental clinic regularly

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