Jake Sullivan bears the brunt of Joe Biden's crisis


The evacuation of U.S troops from Afghanistan which led to successful invasion of Taliban in Kabul has affected Joe Biden's administration. He is backlashed by citizens for his wrong decision making.

However, Joe Biden's representative in dealing with press conferences regarding the issues of Afghanistan is, Biden's National adviser, Jake Sullivan. The major issue right now is to ensure American citizens still residing in Afghanistan are brought back safely to the U.S to prevent the spill of the Americans blood in another land.

Addressing the issues, Jake Sullivan had to appear at a press conference held in the White House on Tuesday. Presently, both the Democratic and Republican party are at loggerheads with each other.

Concluding the discussion, it was decided that the military troops that are retained in Afghanistan will stay on till August 31st to ensure the safety of American citizens even if it's not all of them.

 📹ABC News Politics 

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