LA Clippers successfully signs Eric Bledsoe from Grizzlies


Eric Bledsoe who was earlier drafted into his LA Clippers in 2010 is expected to move back to the team following the deal between Memphis Grizzlies and LA Clippers.

In order to acquire Eric Bledsoe, LA Clippers had to trade in Daniel Oturu, Patrick Beverley and Rajon Rondo to Memphis Grizzlies. Surprisingly, LA Clippers gained an advantage and in the deal as they're willing to be free from paying over €30 million, luxury tax along side with other side expenses.

Meanwhile, Memphis Grizzlies despite the number of players to be drafted into their team, will still be opened up for deals, as they were able to arrange suitable adjustments to suit each player. As for Eric Bledsoe, he's fortunate to get $3.9 million out of a contract deal of $19.3 million at the time of the last year of his deal.

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