Laura Prepon reveals she nolonger practice Scientology


Laura Prepon, an American actress who featured in "Orange is the New Black" and as Donna Pinciotti in the Fox sitcom's "70's Show", disclosed to the public her life as a mother impacted her to be different. Prepon is someone who prefers practicing Church Scientology to acting but as a mother her life has changed and she has no choice but to drop Scientology.

She stated this during an interview with the "People". The interview focuses on her life as a mother and at the end of the day, the interview was published in the daily magazine.

Speaking on stopping Church Scientology, she said, "I'm no longer practicing Scientology. "I've always been very open-minded, even since I was a child. I was raised Catholic and Jewish. I've prayed in churches, meditated in temples. I've studied Chinese meridian theory. I haven't practiced Scientology in close to five years and it's no longer part of my life."

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