Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp commends his players


English Premier League football match between Liverpool and Burnley took place on Saturday, August 21st. The games ended in the favour of Liverpool, they defeated Burnley 2-0. Hence, Liverpool is pressing forward and scheduled to play against Chelsea next Saturday.

However, the games didn't end without Liverpool's coach, Jurgen Klopp commenting on how well each players played, two players were distinguished, Konstantinos Tsimikas and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The two players were positioned as full backs during the games, Jurgen Klopp stated describing their performances during a press conference held after the game, he reveals;

"Both played spectacularly if you want, with two nice assistant Kostas with the cross and Trent with the little cheeky curve ball or whatever for Sadio. It was a good game.

“I think everybody thinks both full-backs played a good game and in this situation, that means they were defensively really good as well in a really difficult game from a defensive point of view.

“In football, usually you have a plan, you have an idea, you want to win the ball here or there, against Burnley there is no winning the ball here or there."

“It is only around the centre-halves where you have to pick the ball up and we have to protect constantly like crazy.

“I cannot remember a high-press situation, it is just not possible, at least it was not possible today. But the full-backs were really good, which helped us to win the game.”

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