Real Madrid bids a second offer of €145.6m contract deal for the sale of PSG player, Kylian Mbappe


Kylian Mbappe contract with Paris Saint-Germain will soon expire, hence Real Madrid have been in talks with PSG negotiation payment fees and wages for Mbappe's transfer to their club. However, Real Madrid offer of €137million was rejected on Wednesday by PSG. Although, PSG rejection didn't dampen their pursuit but strengthen their resolve, they came back on Thursday and presented a contract deal of €145.6million. For PSG, the offer is good and has paved a way for the sale of Mbappe.

Fortunately, this is also good news for Mbappe. He had told PSG he desires to be a part of Real Madrid players but he promised the club, his transfer won't be for free. Alongside with the negotiation for the sale of Mbappe, PSG are also looking forward to signing Everton player, Richarlison. Richarlison contract with Everton expires in 2024. Although, PSG negotiation for Everton to sell Richarlison has proven abortive.

If PSG rejects Real Madrid's offer for a second time, there's also another available opportunity to sign in Mbappe. Mbappe is allowed to sign a pre-contract agreement to join their club from January 2022, after his contract with PSG expires

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