Romelu Lukaku describes Tuchel as a strategic person


Romelu Lukaku is overly excited to be coached by Chelsea Manager, Thomas Tuchel, who he claims to be a strategist person. 

Lukaku describes him as one who is different and never seems to be confused. He always has a game plan, irrespective of the turnout of every match. He is a Manager who is tactically strong. 

Lukaku stated this before on Sunday, August 15th when the Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal took place.

In his words, "Training sessions are always with the goal of trying to prepare the team for the game at the weekend and that’s what I love about him.”

"I told him in the first conversation that we had: ‘I tried to figure out what you are trying to do with the team, but I have never figured it out because every game was different’ and that’s what I like, because I look at the game from a tactical point of view.

“I want to know what a team is doing, and that’s what really intrigued me to become a player for him because he is a manager who is tactically very strong.”

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