Romelu Lukaku discloses he left United to embrace more challenge in his career


Former Manchester United FC player, Romelu Lukaku recently signed up a deal with Chelsea towards the Premier league games. Although, his move from Manchester United was to Inter Milan before his present place in Chelsea.

On Sunday, August 15th, Chelsea played against Arsenal and the games ended up with a tie and the next premier match is upcoming. Lukaku stated he has observed every premier match over the years and he's excited for a new challenge which was his major reason for leaving Man United.

In his words, "The Premier League has a bit of everything and the experiences I had a few years ago were great,“ Lukaku was quoted by Chelsea’s official website as saying.

“I loved every minute of it on and off the field, but the experiences in Italy made me more complete as a player.

“Now, it’s just about what I have learned in Italy.

“Watching the Premier League over the last few years, the players have got better, the teams have got better and I am ready for the challenge.”

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