Sampdoria vs Milan


Milan played against Sampdoria on Monday. From the last match, Milan played two of their players were injured, Bennacer and Kessie. Hence, their replacement during the match on Monday were Krunic and Tonali.

They games was simply played. Although both teams played well but they didn't play at their best. Milan and Sampdoria played consistently on the attack side, during the first half. However, only Milan scored a goal through the help of a newly recruited player, Mike Malgnan. Another player on the field who is also newly recruited is Olivier Giroud.

The second half of the games didn't turn out well for both team. Milan and Sampdoria players were dull and not impressive. None of them were able to score a goal during the second half. Milan moves were purely on the defensive side while Sampdoria nothing much could be said about them.

Concluding the match, Milan defeated Sampdoria, 1-0. Milan win is the first in a new football season and this match was also their first. They are set to play the next championship games.

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