Taliban attacked Afghanistan national forces after U.S troops left


Two decades have passed since the Taliban were chased from Kabul by the U.S troops but their long standing silence to battled against the military troops gave a message that they have relented from attacking Afghanistan. Hence, the U.S withdrew their troops from the country in July. Although, they kept a close watch over Afghanistan.

Reports to the U.S was that, it was likely the Taliban will attack but the timing wasn't expected to happened soon, which proved fatal as it was only a matter of few days that the Taliban invaded Kabul, claiming the borders of the country and repositioning their forces around the country. The successful feat by the Taliban struck the people as a surprise, questioning how they did it, who aided them to infiltrate through the capital.

However, the Afghanistan president, Ashraf Gani didn't stand in defence but managed to escape and boarded a flight to another country. He abandoned his duties to delegate authorites in defense. As it stands, the Taliban have occupied the presidential palace in Kabul.

Speaking on the attack in Kabul, the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken said, "The fact of the matter is we've seen that the Afghanistan national security forces has been unable to defend the country and that has happened more quickly than we anticipated."

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