Texas Governor, Greg Abbott tests positive to Covid-19


Texas Governor, Greg Abbott although he received Covid-19 vaccination earlier before now, tested positive to Covid-19 on Tuesday. However, Abbott case is not as severe as others, even before the doctor's diagnosis, he didn't experience any symptoms related to Covid-19.

For the meantime, Greg Abbott is in isolation in the Governor's mansion but he keeps regular communication with outside employees to ensure proper running of state affairs. Everyone who had been in contact with Abbott before now was checked including the first lady, Cecilia Abbott, was checked. Fortunately, Cecilia test was negative.

Greg Abbott is receiving treatment and his case isn't detrimental. He is receiving Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment which has been working effectively, though Covid-19 official still advised it's of utmost importance that everyone gets vaccinated because it reduces potential risks and spread of the virus.

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