Unknown gunmen attacked Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA

News has it that Boko Haram surrendered themselves to armed security forces which is yet to be confirmed as a genuine act. Boko Haram sudden surrender is questionable because it could be a ploy to drag out military armed forces from their stationed posts.

Not to long after Boko Haram surrendered, the security forces were attacked. The targeted institution was the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna state. NDA is primary institution for military studies, where officer cadets are trained into Army, Navy and Air Force .

The unknown gunmen attack started from the army barracks located along the Airport Road, Igabi LGA in Kaduna state. They destroyed everything on sight before moving ahead to the military institution office quarters on Tuesday, August 24th around 1.00am.

The Unknown gunmen killed two important personnel in Nigerian Defence Academy, Lieutenant; Commodore Awolor Wulah and Flight Lieutenant; Commodore Okoronkwo, while a Major General; Stephen Datong was left unharmed but was taken under the custody of the gunmen, to a destination yet unknown.

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