15-year-old girl cries out stones from her left eye

Doctors are marvelled by a 15-year-old girl who cries small stones from her left eye. 

The family of the girl have contacted several doctors who has come to a conclusion that such cases are not medically possible. 

In a video shared, it was obviously seen that small stones were coming out from her left eyes.

The family who hails from Kannauj Uttar Pradesh, which is located at the Northern part of India. Claims that about 10-15 stones comes out of her left eye. 

Although, she isn't the first person experiencing this, way back in 2014 a girl identified as Saadiya Saleh, also suffered the same issue. 

Alot of people taught that she was possessed, even though it was a mysterious occurrence. And so many doctors claimed that it is not medically possible.

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