Alex Ekubo breaks silence on engagement saga

It was reported that Alex Ekubo's fiancée, Fancy Acholonu, unfollowed and blocked him from contacting her on IG. She also deleted their joint account.

Fancy, actually took a drastic decision, she called off their engagement and wedding plans on August 26. She wrote that she made the best decision for herself and also believes, it is important everyone lives in their truth. Since then, Alex has not made any comments concerning his engagement that was called off and the wedding plans either did he react to this facts.

However, Alex recently shared a thoughtful post in his IG page. It reads: "No successful person has ever been successful without failure.

"Full video of our trip to the Republic of Benin to receive my Honorary Doctorate degree in Arts and Culture from the institut Superieurde Communication et de Festoon (ISCG UNIVERSITY).

"I want to specially thank my brothers, who made this trip an unforgettable one, I am forever indebted to you guys, I won't forget this in a hurry.

"Failure is an integral part of success, sometimes we have to fail to succeed."

Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu, got engaged on 3 May, 2021. Their traditional marriage was fixed on November 21, while the wedding was suppose to hold on 27 November, 2021.

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