BBNaija season 6: Why Saga & Nini were both evicted


Saga and Nini got evicted last night on Sunday, 27 September, 2021, from big brother house, possibly because of their closeness and the drama that transpired between them. Big brother asked Nini to play pranks on her fellow housemates and stay in the blue room for about 24 hours without the knowledge of other housemates. Nini, agreed to the game, she packed what she needed for her stay and moved to the blue room.

Saga, who got affected psychologically by the whole game, realized Nini was no where to be found in the house, he searched everywhere for her, stayed under the rain with Pere, all in the process of waiting for Nini to come back, but of no avail, he cried like a baby, just because he couldn't find Nini. Saga, later found out it was a prank, after Nini came out of her hiding, Saga claimed the prank was too much for him to and that he needs to see a psychologist .

Moreover, rumour have it that Nini has a serious relationship outside the house. She keeps telling Saga about her boyfriend and how her boyfriend bought her this and that, but Saga has refused to pay listening ears to what Nini has been saying concerning her boyfriend, instead he kept professing his love for her, cuddling her and showing her green lights. Although, viewers commented that Saga's affection for Nini is infatuation. But that's not withstanding, Saga shouldn't come in-between Nini and her boyfriend, because of a live show. And Saga is not in position to tell Biggie the type of game he should play and who he should assign among the housemates.

With all these drama, it was really obvious supporters didn't accept the fact that Saga was not focused, he was actually distracted by Nini's presence. They both got the lowest percentage of viewers' votes, Nini got 2.16% of viewers' votes, Saga 1.95% of viewers' votes. While Queen, who got 9.08% of viewers' votes also got evicted from the house.

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