BBNaija Season 6: Nini says Cross is dull & big for nothing


There was an heated argument this morning between Cross and Nini. Nini was having her bath in the bathroom and Cross told her to leave the bathroom. 

Nini asked him to wait and he lost his cool and shouted at the young lady. Nini who wasn't having it easy with him, then called him a bully. 

The argument got more heated between them as Nini called him names and Cross reciprocated by shouting at her. Nini went on by shouting back and insulting him.

In Nini words: "Let's do a brain test now," and you'll be the one to end up with the lowest IQ.

Furthermore, she said: All you know is to be jumping about the whole place. 

"The smallest thing in your body is your brain." That hits so hard.

She added: "You don't know me, if you see me on the road you'll avoid me.

As if thats not all, Nini went further to say: "We all know you have the smallest IQ in this house." We're just hailing you, just not to bring down your ego. "You're big for nothing," Empty vessel.

We hope that Cross gets over all this, cause this is way too much for him to handle. He was seen crying, Whitemoney was consoling him. 

Nini went way too far on this issue, she can argue without insult, she has low IQ too.

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