Belgium vs Estonia


Belgium defeats Estonia 5-2, Belgium winning the game was amazing since from the beginning of the match, it was Estonia who scored the first goal, Estonia beginning was a dreamy start. 

The first goal from Estonia was scored by Estonian captain, Matthias Kait, however, Belgium took the lead as the substitute player Thomas Foket scored a goal through the assistance from Axel Witsel. Thereafter, Romelu Lukaku scored the next two goals in succession, hence, Belgium overtook Estonia, 3-1.

A break came in for Estonia as Eric Sorga scored the second goal, though their winning goal didn't last as Witsel and Hans Vanaken scored the subsequent two goals for Belgium. Belgium concluded the games ensuring their position in the World Cup qualifing match.

The next match for Belgium will be on Sunday against Czech Republic in Brussel while for Estonia, it will be on  Wednesday facing off Wales. It will be another chance for Estonia to solidify their position in the World Cup match.

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