Beyonce at 40


Beyonce clocked 40-year-old on saturday, September 4th, on her birthday, tributes from important personnels, celebrities, were sent to Beyonce, to mark her special day. The birthday messages, wishes, tributes and video were too many to mention. However, the most important amongst all was the tribute from her mother, Tina Knowles.

Beyonce mum birthday tribute was a special package spiced up with so much love, birthday video and a memorial video captioning on what Beyonce desired years ago which she has accomplished.

Part birthday message from her mum reads, "Wow you reached every one of your goals and then some. You deserve it baby, and every other blessing that God has bestowed upon you.

“You are the most honest, intelligent and creative person I know. That Virgo mind is always 10 steps ahead. There is not a mean bone in your body and no bitterness in your heart. Sometimes that is mind-blowing."

Another birthday message worthy to be mentioned was from the first lady of US, Jill Biden. She did a commentary video wishing Beyonce a happy birthday. Jill Biden and other music stars celebrated Beyonce .

At 40, Beyonce is settled financially and  maritally. She runs a clothing line Ivy Park which was launched in 2016. The greatest of her accomplishment is her very own music company, Parkwood Entertainment. The company is achieving greater heights yearly. Beyonce is also married to a reputable rapper, JayZ and her marriage is blessed with three children.

Finally, Beyonce Series as a young inspiration to the female gender. She's reckoned as a multiple award winning Grammy artist and her networth is tagged at $440million by Forbes. She's indeed an accomplished woman. 40 looks good on her!

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